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How to convert WebM to GIF


Upload your animated gif to our service. Wait for the upload to finish and proceed to converting.


After all the files have finished uploading, click on the convert button and wait for a while.


After that, the new GIF file will be ready to be downloaded to your device. Wait for the download to complete.

Converting WebM to GIF

A WEBM file is a video in the open WebM format, which is widely used to broadcast videos over the Internet, including YouTube. The format complies with the HTML5 standard and is a container in which compressed video and audio streams are packed. WebM is a video file format. It is primarily intended to offer a royalty-free alternative to being used in an HTML5 video tag. It has a sister project, WebP, for images. The development of the format is sponsored by Google and the related software is distributed under the BSD license.

GIF is a graphic format that allows you to create animated images. This format is supported by many graphic editors and viewers. The GIF can be downloaded to your computer or shared with friends on social networks. And you can watch funny animations right from the monitor screen. The world is going crazy for GIFs. They are everywhere. Not only are social networks full of gifs, but they are already illustrated by scientific articles and serious analytics. We cannot stop this madness, so let's lead it.