GIF Maker

Make a GIF in a simple online GIF creator


How to make a GIF

From images

Upload some images to our service. Then select the necessary options and settings, such as frame rate, playback speed, looping. After that, make a gif and download it to your device.

From video

Do you have a video and want to make an animated GIF out of it? It's not difficult, just upload your video or paste the video link and turn it into GIF. Note that there is no sound in the GIF.


Another way to make GIFs is to convert from other animated image or video formats. At Gifburg, you can convert to GIF formats such as MP4, WebP, WebM, Youtube Video.

Creating GIFs

The GIF format is a bitmap technology that consists of interlaced images or videos. To cheer up a professional article or a voluminous email newsletter, explain specialized terms, draw attention to an advertising message or entertain subscribers on social networks - GIF animation can easily cope with these tasks. In order for live content to work for you, you will have to forget about gifs from stocks and learn how to create them yourself for your purposes.

When a person wonders how to create gif animation, he usually finds on the Internet many options for programs that need to be downloaded to a computer, installed, understood and so on. Gifburg is the easiest and safest way to turn any YouTube clip online into a GIF file. A simple and at the same time advanced in functionality program that allows you to make a gif from both videos and photos.