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How to convert Video to GIF


Upload your video file to our service. Wait for the upload to finish and proceed to converting.


After all the files have finished uploading, click on the convert button and wait for a while.


After that, the new GIF file will be ready to be downloaded to your device. Wait for the download to complete.

Converting Video to GIF

Once I needed to record a video and put it online. At that time, I did not know much about video formats, and therefore the choice of the format for saving the video recorded from the screen (I recorded a video tutorial) caused me difficulties (by the way, here is an overview of programs for capturing video). All this prompted me to consider the most popular video formats and, finally, to understand this issue. Because these formats were originally designed for different purposes. Some formats can store multiple audio tracks and subtitles, while other formats do not.

The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) format has much more specific use cases. Although it is possible to save a static image in this format, most webmasters use this format to display animated images. GIF files are a raster-type graphics format that can be used for both static and animated images. More than twenty years have passed since its inception, but it undoubtedly remains the most widely used image format for the World Wide Web.

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