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How to add text to GIF


Upload your animated gif to our service. Wait for the upload to finish and proceed to editing.

Add Text

Now you can easily add text to your GIF. Just type or paste the text, choose font options and apply the changes.


When you're done editing, don't forget to download the resulting file and share with your friends.

Adding text to GIF

The popularity of the GIF format on the Internet is an indisputable fact. There is an easy way to add animated text to a GIF using the online tool, thereby personalizing it or adding a funny joke. A correctly selected phrase in the photo will allow you to highlight almost any image from the rest, to make an emphasis, to summarize the essence of the publication, so that the user is at least interested and read the post. Many bloggers and commercial accounts use this when designing their feed and stories for Instagram.

Use an online service to apply text to GIFs, using a variety of fonts, backgrounds, and different levels of transparency. There are all the necessary features to create a beautiful lettering. After the gif is loaded, you will be presented with a file and an editor to add text. Having decided on the settings, click Add text and the inscription will be added to the picture. You can change the size, font, position of the text, borders and color of symbols.