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What is You're Welcome

Welcome, no thanks, you are always welcome. How to politely say all this at once and not screw it up? You can say a long and colorful text with a zero value for a long time, or you can just throw in You're Welcome and continue to do your own thing. Also politeness, but short, meaningful and double, or even triple, bottom, depending on who said it. Because it’s not too difficult to turn an ordinary reaction to someone’s thanks into passive aggression - it’s enough in the process to simply raise one eyebrow and look at the interlocutor frowningly.

You're Welcome gif - yes, thanks for noticing how much I do for you. Or it wasn’t difficult for me to help you, contact me again. Multifunctional, polite, for those who want to show the world what a great guy he is, but do it as unprovocatively as possible. There is with sarcasm, there is with a smack of such modest megalomania, there is a real Always Please, for those whom you do not give a damn about. Choose any GIF you like and send it to remind you who is the best employee of the month here. Well, if you want to say You're Welcome so that they come back to you again, choose something more lyrical and feel free to add it to your site.