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Why do we need Yes gifs

We had many reasons to say a big, all-encompassing yes: as a child, at a wedding, at work when immersed in a project, without a second thought, from the bottom of our hearts. It happens when everything is good. The real yes must be harmonious: the head and heart must be at the same time. If I say yes, thinking no, then my interlocutor will feel it, gestures and facial expressions will give out the truth. Only a sincere yes will make us strong. For it to be so, we must be sure that at any moment we are able to say no as openly. These two words are related to each other.

We have already looked at ways to deny someone a request or offer. In this article, we will look at how to start talking to the world in the most original ways. Have you ever wondered how many ways you can pronounce even such simple words as yes? There are at least a hundred of them! You can speak softly and loudly, calmly and nervously, quickly and slowly, cheerfully and sluggishly, not to mention the most varied intonations. And how many different meanings these words can carry! But the wealth of choice is not limited to this either.