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What is Wallpaper

Who else remembers that wonderful in every way screensaver with an aquarium on all mobile phones in the world? Fishes swim meditatively across the screen, water gurgles, algae sway… Since then, wallpapers for phones have advanced a lot – now it’s not only a way to express your uniqueness with the help of absolutely identical pictures, but also a source of inspiration, creativity and income for those who are these same people. makes wallpapers and screensavers. Yes, it's a whole job to create special wallpapers for your phone, including animated ones. Someone gets paid for this. But 90% of smartphone owners still go around with a standard screensaver, a standard ringtone and a boring transparent case on their iPhone. This is what uniqueness looks like now. Well, or no one wants to bother.

But if you suddenly had an attack of nostalgia and it became vital for you to put animated wallpapers on the screen of your phone or PC like in 2010, you have come to the right place. You can download special GIFs, already cut to the desired size and processed, for free on our website or send to your friends - let them also feel a little nostalgic for what can no longer be returned. And, ok, let's face it, it still looks pretty cute.