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What is Trump Dancing

No lyrics, no politics (well, almost), no intrigue ... Just Trump dancing. A drawn Trump is dancing, a living Trump is dancing, and if you put all the gifs into one big one, you get a whole round dance of dancing Trumps. It really looks like a nightmare for all Democrats, but ... shh, we promised no politics. In general, he is a rich and influential man, a former president of the United States, a tycoon (who else is there?) And he can do whatever he wants. Even dance. Moreover, he moves, despite his decent age, pretty well. I wonder if he took lessons somewhere or is it all from the heart? Postscript: We don't really have any confidence that the dude with the huge head is the real Trump.

Looking for fun gifs of dancing Trump and other celebrities (but mostly Trump, judging by the hashtag)? Choose any - we have a whole selection of them for all occasions. Real, drawn, pathetic parodies of the original: what do you like more? Learn to dance with the former President of the United States, send GIFs to friends and acquaintances, and to those who do not understand anything in humor - ‘even Trump is dancing, and you are sitting on a chair and pretending to be a world-class star’. In general, he dances and dances, let's not interfere with him, let him dance.