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What is Triggered

Attention! Right now you will see something that can be bad for your nervous system! Joke. We only have gifs here. Including this warning that there is a Code Red danger ahead. A trigger is literally a trigger, something that will launch some kind of program in you, most often negative (for some reason, you can’t see a picture with cute kittens and suddenly go earn millions, but a lotus flower immediately causes a panic attack in trypophobes). In general, anything that a person has developed a negative experience in the process of life, like dogs have on Pavlov and his light bulbs, can become a trigger.

Triggered GIFs literally warn your interlocutor that he is not allowed to enter further. Like a stop sign on a fence, only on the forehead - or in a chat, if we are talking about gifs. It is recommended to use when the interlocutor gets into your personal space, when you post pictures with different phobias, when someone in the chat starts insulting something for which you are ready to eat a person and not choke, or when you want to pick up an original stop word for your role-playing games . Send to the chat your most slow-witted interlocutors, and if even then it doesn’t reach them, feel free to change your circle of friends. Because what could be more eloquent than huge red bouncing letters on half of the chat?