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What is This Is Fine

Remember that grandfather with a smile that makes you want to fall into a deep and protracted depression? And then there is a wonderful dog with coffee in a burning house ... My house is on fire, but everything is fine, I'm not going to do anything about it. Everything suits me. The level of ability to ignore obvious problems is God. In principle, this meme perfectly demonstrates to us that sometimes it’s already useless to twitch, and in some situations it’s even better to sit quietly in the corner while others do everything for you. But for the most part, I’m up to my neck in problems and I can’t clean up all that is happening around me myself. Sometimes it is added to this and everything suits me, move away. Whether it is necessary to help a person who frantically tries to pretend that everything is in order with him - then decide for yourself.

But if suddenly you find yourself in a similar situation, we have something to offer you. A selection of GIFs This Is Fine - if you are screaming inside, but outwardly still somehow trying to hold on. Send to the chat and check which of your friends do not give a damn about you, and which of them will notice that something is wrong with you. Or are you really okay? Then take a look at the gifs in which no one is on fire non-stop. We also have such This Is Fine gifs. Download them, save them, play home psychologist when these gifs are sent to you. You can even play a game - guess which of your interlocutors, who claim that they are doing well, is on antidepressants.