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The more you know, the more dumb you are

The absurdity of this phrase, I hope you understand. On the one hand, the more you know, the logically you become smarter. On the other hand, I say the opposite. However, it is not enough just to skim through the pages. Reading a book and not understanding it is like stripping a woman, kissing, thanking, and then going home. In the human world, this is now called sexual harassment. But interestingly, in the world of bookworms, this is called literary harassment. It is not enough to read, you also need to understand what you have read.

There is a popular misconception that a competent person is a confident person. That is, an incompetent person cannot ardently prove that the earth is round or that string theory is correct. Well, yes, of course. In fact, competence is indirectly related to confidence. As Sherlock Holmes said: Watson, understand, the human brain is an empty attic where you can stuff anything you want. The fool does just that: he drags the necessary and unnecessary there. And finally the moment comes when the most necessary thing can no longer be crammed there. Or it’s hidden so far away that you cannot reach it. I do everything differently. Only the tools I need are in my attic. There are many of them, but they are in perfect order and always at hand. And I don’t need extra junk.