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What is Snow

Snow is a form of precipitation made up of small ice crystals. The first snow marks the beginning of winter. Although the snow may still melt, the air may warm up, snow is still a sign that winter has come. Despite all the research on snow, no two identical snowflakes have been found so far. Purely theoretically, the occurrence of two completely identical snowflakes is possible, but given the incredible number of their possible forms, this probability is very small. At the end of winter, when the Earth is covered with snow the most, the ice mass can significantly affect the speed at which our planet rotates.

Snow can be of different types: snowflakes, hoarfrost, hail. Snowflakes are formed in the same way as raindrops: water evaporates from the seas and oceans and rises to the sky, where it cools down and collects into droplets. When it is very cold, water droplets freeze into ice crystals and then fall to the ground as snow. Snow reflects the sun's rays well, preventing the possibility of heating the surrounding air. Therefore, it is always snowy in the mountains, because the more snow, the lower the air temperature.