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What is Rick And Morty

Come on, Morty, there's twenty minutes to go, in and out! I wonder if there is at least someone who has already grown out of the Blue Tractor, but does not know about Rick and Morty? The whole world has been watching the adventures of the mad scientist and his grandson for the past few years. Seriously. The whole world. Series, comics, video games, tons of merchandise - and this is far from the limit. At one time, only The Simpsons could boast of such success, and this despite the fact that The Simpsons have been on screens for more than twenty years. And fans of Rick and Morty have already managed to break McDonald's by demanding their portion of Szechuan sauce from the sellers. Rick and Morty is no longer about fans, it's a separate subculture!

Well, we offer you a selection of GIFs with Rick and Morty and their crazy adventures. Want some dancing from Rick? Or maybe you prefer the dull face of Morty? Or do you like funny situations with Jerry? Separately, we recommend viewing GIFs with Bette and Summer, if you understand what we mean. GIFs with Rick and Morty are a great opportunity to return to your favorite moments of the series, well, or to show your friends that you are not like everyone else. And you can also just get stuck on beautiful portals and space fantasy worlds from talented artists. But only on condition that you are not confused by Rick's face in the process of meditation.