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What is Rain

Rain is when the sky cries. Tears can be hidden in raindrops. Look for these and other vanilla quotes for girly publics on another site, and we only have harsh, romantic in their beauty gifs with rain for those who love aesthetics and sit by the window in a blanket. Without cocoa! Put the cocoa back! We're talking about the element here. By the way, there is even a special name for how asphalt smells after rain. It's called Petrikor. What does rain smell like to you? Whether you are sitting in a snowdrift in the middle of a cold winter or languishing in the heat, rain GIFs will help you at least in your thoughts return to that memorable evening when he kissed you in the rain. Or she. Or there were no people and kisses at all, but there was rain, pouring like a solid wall and knocking down random passers-by.

With GIFs about rain, you can convey the right atmosphere that reigns in your soul, show how lonely you are, hint that some people should go home faster.. Choose from our selection of GIFs, send, save, share, what else can you do? Whatever, because it's absolutely free, but cold pills are not. So it's better to watch the rain in GIFs, and don't stand in the downpour, even if it's insanely romantic. And if you expand the gif to full screen, you can just as well sit with a blanket in front of the monitor - you will catch exactly the same vibe.