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What is Ore Monogatari

Ore Monogatari is a Japanese romance manga that began publication in 2011. Later, an anime series based on her was released, and after it, a full-length film. This provided Ore Monogatari, whose name translates as My love story, worldwide fame and popularity. The plot is very simple, but interesting to many - the main characters of the manga are 2 high school students who are the complete opposite of each other. One of them is incredibly beautiful and popular with the fair sex, and the second, although he has remarkable strength, looks very much like a gorilla, which makes him repulsive at first, while having a good heart and always ready to help the weak and defenseless. So one day he saved a young girl from a maniac, in which the feeling of gratitude to her savior grew into a stronger feeling - love.

All the characters in the anime Ore Monogatari are incredibly attractive - they have a bright and memorable appearance. They fell in love with viewers all over the world for their sincerity, strong feelings, open soul. Many admit that they are ready to revise some series of Japanese anime over and over again. We offer an alternative option - a selection of gifs with the heroes of Ore Monogatari. You will find it on our website. All gifs are available for download on PC and mobile gadgets.