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What is One Piece

Big Jackpot is one of the world-famous Japanese manga, new episodes of which continue to be released. Based on it, not only anime series were shot, but also full-length animated films. It has an interesting plot that does not leave indifferent viewers not only in Japan, but throughout the world. The action takes place in the fictional universe of One Piece, which is inhabited not only by people, but also by other creatures - mermaids, giants, fishmen. It has only one continent with an unpredictable climate and various magnetic anomalies that turn the compass into a useless item. It is surrounded by seas, the rulers of which are large sea animals. The continent controls the World Government, which has many enemies.

The main character of this Japanese manga is the boy Monkey D. Luffy, who has the nickname Straw Hat. He must subsequently become the Pirate King, but for this he needs to go through a series of tests, going on a round-the-world voyage, and defeat all enemies. The anime, based on the Big Jackpot manga, turned out to be incredibly bright and dynamic, and all thanks to an interesting plot and charismatic characters. You can see many characters in the original selection of gifs posted on our website. They can be viewed online without registration at a convenient time of the day or downloaded to your mobile gadget and PC.