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What is Nice

Politeness is part of our social life. Without courtesy, we would have long ago rolled back to the monkeys and chased each other with heavier sticks. And in all the variety of politeness, if you dig deep enough, you can find such a small, seemingly insignificant thing. Praise. Complimenting someone for what they do is also polite. But if most people in the world have no problems with conflicts, for some reason almost everyone stumbles on praise, especially if what we praise leaves much to be desired. Either they overplay it in such a way that it looks unnatural and unpleasant, then they fall short ... In general, it’s better to have no praise at all than what we just described. But don't worry, there is a way out.

History does not deserve stormy enthusiasm, but there seems to be nothing to scold it for? Do you want to please your interlocutor, but not go too far with praise? Nice gifs are cute enough for a person to understand that he is being praised, but at the same time understand that this is all - your maximum. Show the interlocutor that he is well done, but does not cause much enthusiasm. Nice - well, not bad, in general, you didn’t mess up, but it could have been better. (Use instead of a politely smiling emoticon or facepalm if the interlocutor is really dear to you. You can send to your mother or grandmother in response to the millionth congratulations card per day)