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What is Nezuko

Nezuko is one of the main protagonists of the popular Japanese manga and anime series based on it, The Blade That Slays the Demon. This girl was the older sister of the demon slayer Tanjiro Kamado, but a few years ago she herself became a demon - an evil wizard turned her into it. This put brother and sister on opposite sides of the barricades. Now only the reverse transformation will help them reunite, which Nezuko opposes in every possible way - becoming demons, part of the girl's memories of her past life was erased from her memory, but in return she received a number of demonic superpowers. She is able to change her body size to fit into the wooden box her brother carries around with him. Nezuko is a very attractive girl. Turning into a demon added brightness and special beauty to her. The tips of her black hair are dyed orange, and her eyes change color from dark red to bright pink.

Nezuko has remarkable strength - she is able to knock out doors with her feet and fight on equal terms with demons. And the girl also has rare regenerative abilities - due to the curing of blood, she can restore her severed body parts in a matter of moments. This makes her hard to beat. In difficult situations, Nezuko changes into boxer size as her body is covered in tattoos and a horn grows on her forehead. GIFs with her participation can be viewed endlessly, and not only for fans of Japanese manga, but even for those who are superficially familiar with the anime The Blade that Slashes the Demons, her character is so bright. A large selection of them is available on our website.