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What is My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a well-known Japanese manga based on which a full-fledged anime series has been created, which has gained popularity all over the world. Its main character is Izuku Midoriya, a boy without quirks (superpowers), which were considered commonplace in a fictional world, and their absence in it was perceived as a kind of flaw that prevented him from becoming a real Hero. But Izuku does not give up, and fate smiles at him - he meets the Almighty on his life path, which gives him one of his quirks. This allows the boy to enter the Hero Academy and make new friends. Further, he will have many more adventures, new quirks will appear that help defeat enemies and recognize those who disguise themselves as friends, but secretly want to destroy him. Manga My Hero Academia very soon became popular far beyond the borders of Japan and largely due to the release of the anime of the same name. He was so fond of the audience that several more seasons were immediately filmed.

Based on the manga My Hero Academia, a video game of the same name was also developed, the characters of which were the heroes of the anime series. It was also a success, and not only in the narrow circles of professional gamers. If you are a fan of Izuku Midoriya and other My Hero Academia manga characters, then you will appreciate our collection of GIFs. Short video clips showcase the best moments.