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What is Mic Drop

Throwing a microphone - in the literal sense, or imitation of this action means a certain victory gesture. It is appropriate after a successful performance on stage and in any other place in front of a wide audience. It is used to emphasize confidence in one's words, one's own determination that one managed to impress. Throwing the microphone, as a rule, causes a storm of applause and other expressions of admiration for a successful performance. After this gesture, the audience, before which the speaker has just spoken, begins to rejoice. Mic drop is not only possible on stage these days. This gesture or its imitation is used in negotiations, including during any joint disputes. An impromptu microphone throw helps to mentally suppress the opponent and prove your toughness. It means the fact that you have the last word - you put an end to it, because you do not intend to continue the conversation anymore.

A falling microphone is present in sets of emoticons that are used for online conversations on Internet forums in various directions. It allows you to minimize the used set of words, which is especially important where the number of characters is limited, masterfully complete boring correspondence. A worthy alternative to a smiley with a falling microphone will be the original gif depicting this action. It can be used not only in your own video, but also in social networks, and in online correspondence, etc. A large selection of gifs with a microphone throw can be downloaded from our website without registration at any time of the day.