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Surely everyone is familiar with the situation when in social. networks or the media, a celebrity or an ordinary person said something or made a funny gesture, after which this information is quickly scattered across the Internet in the form of pictures of an entertaining nature. So this is called a meme. The concept of a meme has become widespread with the development of social networks. In general, a meme is a brief transmission of information in a text-graphic, music or video format. The most common and familiar form of a meme is a picture with text.

A meme is any idea, symbol, manner or mode of action that is consciously or unconsciously transmitted from person to person through speech, writing, video, rituals, gestures, etc. The term meme and its understanding were introduced by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976. Dawkins proposed the idea that all information relevant to culture is made up of basic units - memes, just as biological information is made up of genes. A meme or Internet meme is information in one form or another (word, phrase, picture, video, concept, activity, etc.), usually funny, witty, ironic or amusing, spontaneously gaining popularity and spreading across the Internet in various ways (social networks, instant messengers, blogs, forums, etc.).