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What is Make It Rain

Money, money, money... Does anyone else sincerely believe that happiness is not in money? If yes, then we congratulate you - you also need to be able to maintain naivety in the 21st century. In fact, happiness is in money. For money, you can buy health, emotions, travel, do whatever your heart desires, love ... Well, you probably can’t buy love itself (although the oligarchs’ wives would argue with this), but according to statistics, couples with money get divorced much less often and in general much happier than those who have paradise in a hut. But what if just hacking loot is boring and you want a little show-off? Bathe in money like your favorite rappers do! Scatter money around the apartment, insert it into the money gun and shoot it at your friends! Have fun to the fullest under the money rain!

What are you saying? You don’t have that much, but are you glad that you earned a couple of hundred? Okay, for cases like this, we have something better than money. Well... at least it's more reliable, because our gifs don't end after a couple of hours at the club. Download Make It Rain gifs and bathe your interlocutors in money. Let them know that you are rich today and want to share cash with others. You can also use it for visualization and imagine that it is you there, in a pile of money, and not some obscure men. They also say it helps with depression.