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What is Magic

How to distinguish a fakir from a shaman or fortune teller? And what is magic anyway? Beautiful fireballs, magical transformations, a unicorn running past - yes. And also amazing transformations and illusions created by people for people, but it looks cool. If we already got a world in which unicorns were not brought, as well as magical rites with fairies in the moonlight, at least you can see beautiful gifs, right? And also watch your favorite moments from films on replay and imagine, at least for a minute, yourself in the place of cool, great magicians who destroy cities with a movement of an eyebrow.

As a last resort, if you never wanted to become a magician, but dreamed of a career as a tank or archer, laughing at Salem the cat is always priceless. This is Salem, he is beautiful in his feline splendor. Well, if your goal is to surprise a beautiful lady with magic, pay attention to gifs with animated flowers, magical figures and other beautiful creativity that girls and people over forty love. And for those who are completely unpleasant to you, you can send fire, and imagine that this is not a picture at all ... In general, we have GIFs with magic - you have a lot of ideas where they can be used, so less lyrics. Download, send, give people magic and positive.