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Love is a complex, complex feeling that is not always noble and unselfish. True love is completely devoid of selfishness. A person in love feels a responsibility to a loved one, a desire to help him in every possible way, to develop for him and to protect him. It is not always clear what kind of romantic feeling arose between two people. Love is often confused with falling in love. Indeed, there are a lot of similarities between them, but there is still a fine line of differences. Love is a word that has flashed through the head of every person at least once. It is either joyful, frightening, or motivating. The existence of love and its meaning has been debated for centuries. So what is love?

In my understanding, love is those feelings that can change a person and his attitude towards everything in the world, change values, change priorities, attitude towards life, towards oneself, and even more so towards the object of love. Love is a kind of need, a need for a person, for his presence in life. Sometimes love is able to motivate a person to deeds. In my own words: for me love is an attraction, something unusual, magical and sometimes inexplicable.