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Laughter - An involuntary contraction of the facial and pectoral muscles in response to something comic or funny. Laughter is a kind of reflex, but for the appearance of this reflex, minimal involvement of thinking is required. Statistically, an adult laughs on average 17 times a day - people love to laugh so much that whole industries are built around jokes and humor. Laughing is good, it’s something natural, understandable and pleasant. But in fact, humans are one of the few species that laugh, and laughter is a complex reaction that involves many aspects of problem solving.

A person starts laughing at three months and continues to laugh for the rest of his life. Are there really so many reasons? It turns out that everything is much more serious. Laughter is an emotional response. In a biological sense, it depends on hormonal levels. Experiments with substances are convincing of this. Such artificial laughter can occur from scratch, for no reason. The natural emotional background depends on the style of behavior: danger, play, sex, anger, fear, and others. It turns out that the muscles of our entire face work in unison to bring out that joyful / crazy look we see on our face when we laugh.