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What is Killua

Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters in the popular Japanese manga Hunter × Hunter, which is based on an anime series. The heir to the clan of murderers is a cold and arrogant child, distinguished by ironic indifference and killing just to relieve stress, does not want to inherit the family business, but tries to find friends. The harsh upbringing in the family taught him to be little susceptible to pain - both physical and psychological, he is able to restrain emotions and take a hit. Killua can completely relax only when he is in the company of friends, where he turns into an ordinary child who loves sweets.

Parents have their own plans for the heir, since Killua showed the ability to family business at an early age, he was appointed the successor of his father, a professional killer, so by the age of 12 he had mastered a number of killer techniques. However, the prospect of killing people on order does not appeal to the protagonist, and he runs away from home to start a new life. Killua Zoldyck has a number of anomalous abilities, for example, he can turn his nails into cat claws, emit lightning from his palm and generate electricity to accelerate muscle contractions, thereby increasing the speed of movement. Killua Zoldyck is the hero of not only full-length anime, but also numerous gifs, a good selection of which is collected on our website. They can be viewed without registration at any time of the day.