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What is It's A Trap

It is a trap! another Star Wars meme warns us. Okay, let's not go there. Let’s go to the cinema and watch all the films in the order of their release, and then according to the plot, and then better pieces ... In short, no, don’t go to the cinema, it’s better to arrange a Star Wars marathon at home, on the couch, with different sweets. But - It's A Trap! - the marathon can be decently delayed, and now you are already scaring your dog in a Chewbaki costume and buying another lightsaber on the thematic forum. And what? You have been warned! But the sword is useful in the household - they can drive spiders under the ceiling. Although… the Urukhai sword is definitely more useful… No, stop, It's A Trap! No need to run to buy an urukhai sword!

If there are those in your environment who fall into every trap, even those that seem to be non-existent, but they are discovered when they collide with your friend (we proudly call such people testers because they look for bugs in the real world), then we are happy to inform you - we have the right GIFs for you. GIF It's A Trap - hey idiot, get yourself a helmet already, or rather stuff it on your forehead and look in the mirror every time you leave the house! You can also download it somewhere for yourself. Let everyone think that you are a fan of star wars, but in fact it will be your reminder not to go where they are not asked.