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Love is the most beautiful and mysterious feeling on Earth, how does it arise, how to learn to truly love? Love from the point of view of psychology began to be considered recently, initially it was a question of poetry, philosophy, art. Love can make a fairy tale out of our life, or it can turn it into hell. In this sense, it is multifaceted and therefore we will consider it from different angles, so that you fully realize all its greatness and know how to treat it in order to enjoy it, and not suffer because of it.

What does it mean to love? It may be difficult to give one definition of this expression. But I think, first of all, it is to respect, appreciate, understand and realize the desires of another person. On camom, love is not for pets. And you need a certain way to be truly loving, and to make the conscious decision to love. Many people really do not understand the true meaning of the word love, but this is not surprising, because this is not taught in school, parents hardly talk about it, and many films greatly distort or simplify the very concept of love.