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What is I Don't Believe You

A moment of education - if anyone did not know, a thumbs up or thumbs down (like and dislike) equally meant that Caesar wanted blood. What are we for? Yes, just how many times have you doubted the words of the interlocutor, but for some reason could not tell him about it? At work, at home, with friends… Wherever you are, sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where the phrase I don’t believe you will sound in your head. In fact, saying it out loud is almost like signing the death warrant for any relationship, because distrust is worse than betrayal. But what if the situation is not so critical, but you still don’t want to offend a person?

If you doubt the words of your interlocutor, but have no idea how to translate the obscenity that is in your head into censored one, use our selection of I don’t believe you gifs. Skepticism of any level, from cautious distrust to the literal execute him gesture so beloved in ancient Rome. If you want to show that you are incredibly angry, take angry indignation and I don’t believe you with obvious aggression. If you want to emphasize in correspondence that you know for sure that the interlocutor is lying, but you are not offended and even consider it funny, take friendly and sarcastic gifs I don’t believe you.