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What is High Five

High five - symbolizes a friendly handshake. This greeting is as old as the world. Nowadays, different meanings are put into it, but initially this gesture meant a demonstration of the absence of any weapon in the palm of your hand, that is, that a person came to you in peace and calls you to do the same. With the High five gesture, you can support, demonstrate your friendly disposition. It can also mean reconciliation, settling disputes and conflicts. The high-five gesture is often performed in moments of triumph - yours or the one to whom you give it. He confirms your joy for his successes and achievements. High five is given not only hand in hand, but also in the air, in the case when the partners are at a distance from each other or communicate via video link. It can also be accompanied by a characteristic imitation of cotton.

The gesture High five is used by athletes competing among themselves in competitions, business partners, friends. It can be characterized as a fleeting exchange of sympathies, a fleeting moment of support and friendly participation. It may mean that there is nothing left unsaid between you, all controversial and conflict points have been safely resolved. You can find original anime gifs in which adorable characters exchange a high-five gesture with each other or offer it to you on our website, which contains the largest selection. Come in, look, cheer yourself up, send them as a token of friendly support to relatives and friends.