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What is Hi

There is nothing more familiar in the world than a greeting. According to statistics, a person says hello at least ten times a day. What is strange, according to the same statistics, he says goodbye a little less often, and it’s not clear where all those to whom we said hello go ... There are many ways to say hello, from the usual handshake to a simple and unpretentious nod of the head - the choice depends only on how happy you are see your friend. We kiss our loved ones at a meeting, we go around enemies for a kilometer, slightly lowering our chin, we warmly slap our friends on the shoulder. Some wave their hand like fans. Someone gives out long, flowery phrases, when at the end you forget why you approached a person at all, and someone has enough of the usual - Hello!

The greeting culture on the web is also diverse, and depends only on who is sitting on the other side of the screen. And gifs are one way. GIFs Hello are chosen by those who are for originality and the desire to stand out in the general chat. And it's also a way to cheer up if the gif is funny, or to show your dissatisfaction with a sad nodding face. Say hello to each other in all languages of the world using GIFs, and the world will greet you with a smile. Or maybe another gif, who knows?