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A welcome is a gesture, word, phrase, written message or other ritual to make a person come into contact with another person. The greeting demonstrates the attitude towards the person who is being greeted. A greeting is a simple expression of positive emotions, every conversation begins with it, and it is the greeting that shows the disposition of the interlocutor. The forms of greeting vary by culture, time and fashion. Bow is the oldest form of greeting. Nowadays, it is very rarely used as a greeting as such, but rather is used to express respect or gratitude.

The habit of shaking hands when meeting, saying goodbye or as a sign of successful negotiations has long become an integral part of our life. We do this action automatically, without thinking. Finally, the hat-off greeting dates back to the same era. According to unwritten medieval rules, when a knight crossed the threshold of someone else's house or entered a peaceful village, he was obliged to take off his helmet, leaving his head unprotected.