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What is Happy Halloween

Halloween is a modern holiday celebrated all over the world. Whatever they call it - the most terrible holiday, and the holiday of fear and death, and the carnival of the dead. It is celebrated on October 31 - the eve of All Saints' Day. The attitude towards Halloween in the world is very ambiguous. Older people are skeptical about it, while young people take it with a bang and are actively preparing for its celebration. Initially, Halloween was celebrated by the ancient Celts, but gradually this tradition spread to the countries of Europe and even to the American continent, where their descendants emigrated, and then it reached our country, despite the outright disapproval of the Orthodox Church.

An obligatory attribute of this holiday is a pumpkin, from which a Jack's lantern is carved - a symbol of a restless soul wandering in the dark. Other Halloween paraphernalia include bats, cobwebs, and ghosts. People dress up as vampires, Tim Burton movie characters, the devil, mummy, Chucky, zombies, witches, etc. for parties dedicated to this holiday. If for one reason or another you cannot attend such an event, be sure to wish your close friends a Happy Halloween. This can be done by sending them an original GIF dedicated to this terribly scary day. A large selection of GIFs is on our website, we invite all Web users to familiarize themselves with them.