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What is Happy Fathers Day

Father's Day began to be celebrated in America in the early twentieth century. After a while, this good tradition has reached our country. Currently, Father's Day, like in many other states, has officially become the third Sunday of June. On this day, it is customary to arrange quiet family celebrations as an expression of love and gratitude to the eldest head of the family. Father's Day is celebrated on all continents. A lot of traditions are connected with this modest family holiday.

For example, in Finland during the day it is customary to go to the cemetery and commemorate the irretrievably departed men, and in the evening to arrange noisy feasts with dances and songs. In Australia, on Father's Day, everyone gets out into nature for a family picnic. In Italy, on this day, it is customary for heads of families to give elite alcohol and expensive perfumes. And in Japan, Father's Day was renamed Boys' Day many years ago. True samurai believe that masculinity and responsibility should be instilled in the representatives of the stronger sex from an early age. All over the world, for several years now, flash mobs and festivals have been held in major cities on Father's Day. If for some reason you can't wish your dad a Happy Father's Day in person, send him the original gif via email or sms. This will surprise and delight him. You will find a large selection of themed gifs dedicated to Father's Day on our website.