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What is Fuck You

Let's talk about how beautiful it is to tell a person that we do not want to see, hear, read, and generally know him? In the Middle Ages, women had a whole fan tongue, when with one movement of their fingers the gentleman set off on a long journey, to a known address. Great poets sent opponents and dissatisfied away with iambic pentameter, and this was considered an honor. Well, or poets after such passages were challenged to a duel. What do we have? A couple of mats of different levels of decency, so to speak, for aesthetes, connoisseurs and those who are not served a hand in a decent society.

And we also have GIFs. GIFs - they are generally for all occasions, even for those when simple words are not enough. Want to gracefully send the interlocutor away? The GIF will do it for you. Do you want to clearly mark the route? And such gifs are also on our website. Download, use, the responsibility remains with you. You also need to be able to send high-quality, and even so that it is not offensive, you also need to be able to, yes. And with the help of Fuck You gifs, you will definitely succeed. If you are misunderstood.. you don't get challenged to a duel in the 21st century, so you don't risk anything. In the end, you can always say that you messed up the chat or threw off the wrong picture to your friend (actually the right one, but this is a secret).