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What is Friday

Friday marks the end of the working week and the beginning of the long-awaited weekend. It is also called a holiday, which is celebrated on Saturday. Friday got its name from the number five, since it is the fifth after Sunday. In the Orthodox religion, Friday was considered a fast day. In memory of the suffering of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, on this day, men were forbidden to work in the field, and women were forbidden to do laundry and needlework. Since it was impossible for true believers to do anything on Fridays, it became a market day - everyone went to the fairs.

A number of beliefs and signs are associated with Friday - it is believed that nothing can be started on this day, it is better to finish all the work as soon as possible, so that later you can rest with a clear conscience. Today, Friday is a special day for those who work 5 days a week. It is the last working day, which gives a reason to relax. Many jokes, sayings and jokes are connected with this - Friday is a drunkard, Friday is a debauchee. It is customary in offices to congratulate each other on Friday and wish each other a pleasant weekend. Congratulate your colleagues on the end of the working week - send a cool gif from our website. An original congratulation will brighten up a gloomy day and bring a smile to tired faces.