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What is Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard is not a derogatory nickname, but a fictional character from the Austin Powers films. That was the name of the obese henchman of Doctor Evil from Scotland, the negative hero. His negative qualities favorably set off the attractiveness and charm of the protagonist. Fat Bastard, who serves Doctor Evil and helps him build villainous plans to lure Austin Powers into a trap and destroy the whole world, constantly gets into stupid and funny situations. And all because of his morbid complexion, hopeless stupidity and nasty character.

Fat Bastards in real life are those who, for one reason or another, copy the behavior of the character of the same name from popular films. This nickname is especially popular among schoolchildren and students, office workers and middle managers, fans of virtual computer games and professional gamers. In real life, this nickname is used behind the eyes, and in virtual life - openly. It has nothing to do with the complexion of a certain person, since it means only a tendency to cunning, committing treacherous acts and betrayal. If, for some personal reason, you do not want to pronounce this offensive nickname out loud, but it still breaks out of your tongue, you can replace it with the appropriate gif. A large selection of gifs is on our website. It can be viewed by any user of the Network without registration.