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Facepalm (face - face, palm - palm) is a popular expression on the Internet in the form of a physical hand gesture. One of the more famous interpretations of the expression is a face covered with one hand, with which the author tries to show disappointment. When a not very smart interlocutor could not be reasoned with not a single excerpt from Wikipedia, not a single quote from pundits, not a single fact described in authoritative sources, one thing remains: send him a picture that depicts a person covering his face with his hands. Let the opponent think about what it means and get out of the conversation at least for a while.

There are also concepts such as double facepalm, triple facepalm and even quadro facepalm (quadruple, respectively). And also headdesk - describes a situation with a facepalm more than a facepalm. If the palm covers most of the face, then this means hopelessness, disappointment, shame, and so on. The most famous incarnation of the meme is a picture of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek, played by actor Patrick Stewart, who puts his hand to his face.