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If you are a woman, you probably know that eye rolling is a powerful weapon in many situations. But have you ever wondered how this gesture appeared, and why exactly the fair sex use it so often? Thus, a person wants to express his indifference to the words of the interlocutor, or he is already tired of listening to the same moral teachings, in general, this is a characteristic sign of the manifestation of indifference, disgust. This facial expression is quite common in both young girls and adult women. It can express both aggression and discontent. Rolling your eyes at the sight of another person is considered a hostile sign that interrupts and makes further interaction impossible. By doing this, you inform the person that you consider his behavior to be stupid or unacceptable. If, for example, being in a large company, you hear someone, in your opinion, say nonsense, then you can roll your eyes theatrically in response.

A woman's face with rolling eyes, open mouth and protruding tongue is called ahegao in Japan. In a country where pornography is tightly constrained, this facial expression expresses a female orgasm. Today, ahegao can be called a trend, since most Western porn studios actively use this technique in their films.