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An explosion is a rapid combustion of a substance, accompanied by the release of a significant amount of energy in a limited volume and the formation of compressed gases, as a result of which a shock wave is formed and propagates, which can lead or lead to an emergency of a technogenic nature. With rapid combustion, the explosive transformation process takes place in the mass of the explosive at a speed of the order of several meters per second, and the process itself is greatly influenced by external conditions. If combustion takes place in the open air, it is not accompanied by a sound effect or mechanical work of destruction or displacement.

As a result of the explosion, the substance turns into a plasma with a very high pressure, which, expanding, compresses the environment, causing it to move, i.e. forms a blast wave. The process of the so-called explosive chemical transformation of an explosive takes place, resulting in a mechanical effect on the environment. Along with the conventional explosion, directional explosion and volumetric explosion are used. Practice shows that the consequences of explosions of a criminal nature are multifaceted and often catastrophic (death of people and animals, injury and numerous injuries to victims, destruction and complete destruction of buildings, structures, vehicles, ecosystems and other objects).