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Excitability in psychology is a property of the human psyche, which manifests itself in the ability to respond to external and internal stimuli. This is a state that allows you to move from a state of rest to an active emotional reaction. For example, a state of intense joy, anger, grief, or fear. Increased excitability is characterized by excessive and often inadequate reactions to any stimuli and factors. Excitability in psychology, according to Gestalt supporters, is the accumulated energy that allows you to change the distance in contact with the outside world. Emotional excitability is considered a complex emotion that consists of several simple ones.

An increase in emotional arousal can lead to motor activity, an increase in the speed and strength of motor reactions, but it may not cause these effects; outwardly, a person may even seem indifferent, immobile, while an increase in arousal will be expressed in the form of a significant increase in associative activity - in what is usually described as an influx of thoughts, an incessant stream of fantasies and dreams, chaos in the head, a feeling of intense anxiety, an irresistible desire for something - what to do, etc. Excitability is in psychology an instant reaction to an external stimulus. From a state of rest, a person instantly passes into a state of active emotion. These emotions include anger, anger, violent joy, fear.