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What is Evil Laugh

They say that laughter prolongs life. In a smart way, this is due to the production of a number of hormones that are responsible in our body for happiness. For example, oxytocin, which causes the same feeling of euphoria, and it is also responsible for human sympathy. So it’s not in vain that there is a life hack - to please a girl, make her laugh. But does laughter always mean fun? Nope. Let's just say not always. Sometimes laughter is a courtesy, like those emojis you send to your grandma, sometimes it's a desire to hide your real emotions. There is awkward laughter when they try to shut up the obvious tension in the dialogue. And there is also laughter, which seems to be joyful, but for some reason others are not at all cheerful.

Evil laugh, yes. The laughter of all supervillains and just bad guys. When we hear him on the screen of the film, it is immediately clear that something terrible has happened now, and perhaps our beloved hero or his girlfriend will suffer. We have a whole mountain of villainous laughter in our selection - choose what you like and ... Well, if you are suddenly going to take over Gotham, then share the gif with Batman, let him fly out. And if your unpleasant interlocutor sat down in a puddle, the rest of the chat will surely like the laughing SpongeBob. The main thing is that the boss does not throw you a GIF of Villainous Laughter with Mr. Burns.