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What is Easter

Easter is a great Orthodox holiday that marks the Resurrection of the crucified savior of the world, Jesus Christ. This day coincides with the end of a long and strict Great Lent - the breaking of the fast begins. For many of us, Easter is associated with sweet pastries - Easter cakes, and colored eggs - krashenki, with which to take christening on Easter Sunday morning, it is believed that this will add health and longevity. Easter is preceded by a week of preparation - a strict 40-day Lent ends with a Holy Week, during which you need to put your thoughts, clothes and house in order, cleanse your soul and body on Clean Thursday and bake Easter cakes, and on Good Friday - remember the suffering of the Savior of the world.

On Saturday morning, you can start preparing treats for the festive table, and in the evening you can go to the Easter service, which will last all night, taking with you a basket of Easter cakes for consecration. At the very end of the church service, timed to coincide with the bright holiday of Easter, the priests bring the Holy Fire to the parishioners, from which candles and lamps are lit. On Bright Sunday, we gather with family and friends at a beautifully laid festive table to commemorate our irretrievably departed loved ones, to wish each other health and good luck. Those who are not with us, who cannot share the Easter meal with us, can be congratulated on the great Christian holiday by sending a thematic gif. You will find a large selection of them available for download on our website. Demonstrate your attention on this bright holiday to your loved ones.