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We call dissonance everything dissonant, disharmonious and even irritating or causing unpleasant sensations that we encounter in different areas of life. Dissonance can overtake us anywhere and anytime. It can be difficult to put it into words, because we see, understand and feel that everything is wrong, but, alas, we cannot fix it. Dissonance, many of us are trying to direct in a peaceful direction. After all, if we are not able to change anything, then we need to change our attitude towards him and everything will work out. Dissonance is used in music and in art - architecture, design, painting, etc. To achieve it, you need a special talent. Often, dissonance is used to hide any flaws in a work of art by enhancing the impression and focusing on individual details.

The principles of dissonance are used by fashion designers, creating haute couture outfits using a combination of incongruous - fabrics, shapes, accessories. Separate words deserve psychological dissonance, which can be described as a pronounced discomfort when confronted with beliefs that are different from yours. It is possible between a man and a woman, between adults and children, between colleagues at work. There is also the concept of cognitive dissonance - an internal conflict that goes to the external level. If you are lucky to encounter dissonance, and you want to share it with your acquaintances and friends, send a thematic gif that will express all the storm of emotions in your darling without words. You will find a large selection of gifs on our website in free access.