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What is Damn

The devil is one of the representatives of evil spirits, one of the characters of mythology and not only. He acts as an evil spirit, inciting people to commit evil deeds. The devil has a human form. Under his clothes, he hides a long tail and horse hooves, and under a wide-brimmed hat - horns. The devil has an amazing ability to transform into a person, animal or inanimate object in a second. He is called a complete evil, because he does not know how to perform a single good deed. In this way, the devil differs from other evil spirits, among which there are quite harmless and even cute characters. Devils serve witches and sorcerers. They get into people's homes through a chimney in order to steal not only food and money, but also souls. Devils often enter the homes of widows, disguising themselves as a dead husband, waiting on the road for lonely travelers in order to lure them into the forest bowl, and then demand a soul as a reward for helping to get out of there. This is where the expression “damn it” came from, which is used to express strong emotions.

If you consider this expression indecent and are embarrassed to say it out loud, you can replace it with an original gif that expresses the whole storm of emotions boiling in your soul, united by a biting “damn it”. You will find a large selection of GIFs suitable for this occasion on our website, where a selection is posted in a form convenient for downloading.