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Why do we need cute gifs

There is a fairly popular opinion that modesty is no longer relevant today, so more and more people are trying to cultivate selfishness in themselves. A typical image today is a girl with bright makeup, wearing a miniskirt, or a cheeky guy with a cigarette in his mouth and a can of beer in his hand. Outrageous, vulgar people attract a lot of attention of both sexes. But there are more men and women who sympathize with humble and decent partners. According to them, only a serious, well-mannered person can take care of the family, be faithful and loving.

On the one hand, cuteness, like beauty, is always highly individual. That is, for someone you will be nice and dear, even if you seem rude and not tactful to others, and someone will never assign you such a title. On the other hand, there are generally accepted canons of cuteness and who can be called cute. Some people think the same person is cute, while others do not. Here everything is the same as with beauty - how many people, so many opinions. However, there is a general consensus about what makes a person nice. Being charming means awakening your sweet, friendly and innocent nature and showing it wherever you go. Lovely people are sincere, adorable and warm-hearted, and they know how to share that warmth with the world. If you want to hone your charm, work on your style and body language.