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Why do we need crying gifs

Oversensitivity in childhood or old age seems cute, but in adulthood it can cause a lot of problems. We figure out why people cry, how society relates to this and what to do if tears rise to the throat with or without reason. According to German research, women pay on average 30-60 times a year, and women pay 6-17 times a year. Women cry twice as much as men, and crying often turns into weeping. This difference appears in adolescence when we are trained to be women or men.

Tears are not always the result of emotions. Sometimes they are caused by extraneous stimuli; at times, excess moisture on the eyelashes indicates inflammation or a sluggish disease. And sometimes tears appear for no apparent reason, eyes watery completely unexpectedly. According to Israeli psychologist Oren Hassen, tears and crying are an evolutionary mechanism that helps to build close relationships with others. When the eyes of your interlocutor are filled with water and the soul is filled with sadness, it is difficult to perceive him as a rival or a threat to your plans. By crying, we demonstrate our own insecurity and vulnerability, make it clear that we trust a person if we are not ashamed of our tears in his presence.