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What is Cookie Monster

Hey! Cookies! Cookies-cookies-cookies! Do you love Korzhik as much as 80% of the world's population loves him? For those who are not in the know or were born after 2000, Cookie Monster is one of the characters in the legendary cartoon Sesame Street. Big, blue, and simply adoring cookies from a jar, he won the love of the audience and became a meme long before the word memes even existed. He was quoted, laughed at, Korzhik dolls were sold in huge quantities all over the world. Currently, this character is actually experiencing his rebirth, and again, like 20 years ago, he pleases children with his food jokes.

GIFs with Korzhik are especially popular with those with a sweet tooth. After all, Leave me, I'm eating cookies - this is practically his motto in life. Download and send Cookie and his cookies to your friends when you want to say that nothing but cookies interests you right now, or if you have lost something dear to your heart. Share GIFs with Cookie Monster just for a good mood. And remember that the way to the heart of any of the people lies through a good, tasty, chocolate chip cookie. And for everything else, there are gifs. And other, less popular heroes of Sesame Street. There's also Kermit was funny and Count von Sign.