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What is Confused

Oh, this topic seems to confuse me a little. A million times you were afraid to say this phrase to your interlocutor, and he, not suspecting anything, still continued to tell you what makes you blush. If anger, passion or joy can be shown with text, how can embarrassment be shown? The face flushes with color, the limbs get warm, and the desire to get away from the conversation increases many times despite attempts to calm down and prove to oneself that everything is fine. You won't show it in the text. In addition, it is often just embarrassing - few people know how to blush and be embarrassed really cute, and not in such a way that it will look like a heart attack.

Let embarrassment be the same emotion, a part of human life, we still prefer to hide it. Unless it's purposeful coquetry. So let the gifs be beautifully embarrassed instead of you - on the site you will find a whole selection of blushing characters who will tell your interlocutor enough or continue better than you, depending on what you want to convey. By the way, if you absolutely do not know how to blush or be embarrassed, but you really need it for a conversation - choose the level of embarrassment using GIFs and control the conversation the way you want. The interlocutor has a word for you - you give him a gif, so the conversation happened.