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Coffee is a drink made from roasted and ground coffee beans. It is believed that the Arabs were the first to brew it in the 12th century. Even then, it was mixed with milk, cinnamon or ginger was added to it. In world trade, in terms of the volume of sales and purchases, coffee is second only to oil, ranking second. One tree bears no more than five kilograms of fruit, from which one kilogram of grains is obtained. The high cost of coffee is associated with the capriciousness and infertility of trees, but the drink is still popular.

When you have not slept enough and are having a hard time thinking, it’s so easy to take and buy / brew your own coffee. Five minutes and all systems are ready to fly! The romantic image of a person walking to work with a glass of coffee has become an integral part of culture around the world, and a cup of espresso is steadfastly associated with a good morning. Caffeine can help you wake up and invigorate, but there is another side to this pleasant doping. In other words, the side effects have not been canceled. But they can be minimized. Voltaire drank 50 cups of coffee a day and lived to a very respectable age - 83 years old. He died of prostate cancer, having experienced severe pain for the past few years, to reduce which he took opium. An ardent coffee fan was Ludwig van Beethoven, who always brewed it from 60 beans.